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fate keeps on happening

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I like the way the future happens in front of other stuff... like today and yesterday.

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    "Quiet. Through me runs the power of recent dark experience."

    Mike issues a warning.

    Home by George Saunders. You can listen to it on Tales To Terrify No 11. Home was a  2011 Bram Stoker Award finalist.

    — 6 months ago
    #horror  #stories  #podcast 
    "The name’s Justice. Jack Justice. I’m a private detective and in my experience that means one thing— trouble. It means it for me and if you happen to be careless enough to get within a hundred feet of me, chances are good that it means it for you, too."
    Black Jack Justice: Home Fires via Decoder Ring Theatre
    — 6 months ago
    #audiodrama  #podcast  #detectives  #noir 
    Dead Merchandise →

    Excellent and terrifying story written by Ferrett Steinmetz. Listen to it on Escape Pod.

    — 9 months ago
    #horror  #podcast  #stories 
    "I don’t need a dram of fancy single malt anymore. I want a tall tumbler of booze, mind numbing hooch to dull my thoughts into a stupor and then the blissfulness of unconsciousness."
    The Winter Fire by David Cummings. Read by David on the Dec 25 2012 episode of the NoSleep podcast. He really gets Christmas.
    — 9 months ago
    #podcast  #horror  #stories 
    Tales of the United Solar Systems Alliance, “New Frontier”

    Cadet Stallwark: I learned that the only way to fight against the system is to be a part of it.

    Captain Peeples: Yes, a philosophic outlook, cadet.

    Cadet Stallwark: Yeah, if you go inside… that’s where it’s vulnerable— and gut it from there!

    Tales of the United Solar Systems Alliance, “New Frontier” from the Thrilling Adventure Hour

    — 11 months ago
    #audiodrama  #humor  #podcast 
    "Vodka in a slice is everything nice. All you need is a dame."

    Catchy slogan of one of QICE’s sponsors, Pizza Booze. From QICE: Radio North featured on Icebox Radio Theater.

    — 11 months ago
    #quotes  #humor  #audiodrama  #podcast 
    "Evil, there is nowhere you can hide. There is nowhere you can cower. For I promise until my last breath is taken, I will give every ounce of my being to root you out and squash you like a grape on the supermarket floor of life or I’m not Kid Cumulonimbus, sidekick to the mighty Thundercrester!"

    Orville demonstrates a heroic monologue from Saturday Morning Theatre: Adventures of the Thunder Crester #103.

    "Kid Cumulonimbus" is such an excellent superhero sidekick name!

    — 11 months ago
    #podcast  #humor  #audiodrama 
    A Song of Vice & Ire

    Against my better judgment, I traveled half the world to be here today. I have battled automatons, outwitted supernatural beasties and suffered the company of Americans to see you!

    Little Dickie. Tales of the Extraordinary: A Song of Vice & Ire

    — 11 months ago
    #audiodrama  #podcast  #humor 

    Mayor White: This is a matter of intergalactical security. My secretary has gone missing.

    Dick Dynamo: Petunia?! That blonde bombshell. She had legs like a sultry space giraffe.

    Mayor White: Mmmmm… space giraffes..

    Dick Dynamo, the 5th Dimensional Man. Episode 1: The Organic Nightmare

    — 1 year ago
    #audiodrama  #podcast  #humor 

    The name is Dick Dynamo, the 5th Dimensional Man. I’m a cosmic troubleshooter. I hunt down trouble and I shoot it. In the face. It was a hot muggy Wednesday afternoon. The kind you want to spend inside the office making love to a….. fine Venusian bourbon straight from Neptune.

    Dick Dynamo, the 5th Dimensional Man. Episode 1: The Organic Nightmare

    — 1 year ago
    #audiodrama  #podcast  #humor 
    Hardboiled →

    There’s a lot more to this caper than uncomfortable fantasy dresses made of lead crystal and complicated accessory decisions.

    Jack Hardcastle in Hardboiled. Performed by the Texas Radio Theatre via The Sonic Society.

    — 1 year ago
    #humor  #audiodrama  #podcast  #mystery 
    Trouble's Up in Alphabet Town →

    Tonight’s episode, Private Dick in a Box.

    For the moment I was out of breath and out of sight, in the parking lot hiding under a car, waiting for the cops to give up looking for me. Pretty standard.

    Sometimes it seems like the alphabet city police are only interested in maintaining law and order. Typical. In pursuit of the facts though, sometimes, you have to kick a waiter in the head and steal his clothes.

    Trouble’s Up in Alphabet Town, episode 4

    — 1 year ago
    #humor  #podcast  #audiodrama  #troubles_up_in_alphabet_town 
    Brown Monkey Audio →

    The exploits of Brown Monkey and Sherman in the Lovecraft classics: Call of Cthulhu, The Rats in the Walls,  The Dunwich Horror and Herbert West—Reanimator.

    — 1 year ago
    #quotes  #audiodrama  #podcast  #lovecraft  #humor  #brown_monkey 

    Professor Armitage, Sherman and Brown Monkey prepare to battle the Dunwich Horror.

    Professor Armitage: I’ll need a large quantity of foot powder, Dr Scholl’s preferably, and a couple of bottles of the best rye whiskey you can find. Foot powder contains a large amount of starch, but it also contains acrylamide copolymer, also known as “the bane of Nyarlathotep”.

    Brown Monkey: That’s neat! And the whiskey has arcane properties, too?

    Professor Armitage: Sure. Let’s say that.


    — 1 year ago
    #quotes  #lovecraft  #audiodrama  #podcast  #humor  #brown_monkey 
    Brown Monkey: Sorry, did you just say something, Sherm? I didn’t hear you cuz I passed out from hunger. 
    Sherm: Why don’t you try passing out again, Brown…?
    Brown Monkey: What?!

    The Dunwich Horror by HP Lovecraft as performed by a stuffed monkey and a polar bear in Brown Monkey’s Dunwich Horror. More from Brown Monkey Audio.

    — 1 year ago
    #audiodrama  #podcast  #humor  #qoute  #lovecraft  #brown_monkey