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I like the way the future happens in front of other stuff... like today and yesterday. Interests: animals, art, astronomy, audiodrama, books, brain science, buddhism, detectives, diy, film, gaming, history, humor, learning, libraries, lovecraft, music, mystery, nature, podcasts, sci fi, technology, travel & weirdos.
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At the dawn of the 21st century, one man stands between us and the cast-iron gloved hand that threatens to crush the world! One man plugs in the night light of truth in the untidy bedroom of history! One man stands as a watchman on the very low wall of sanity! One man boldly speaks the truth while others stare awkwardly at the food stuck to the corner of his mouth! HE sees the patterns! HE knows the facts! And HE really ought to change those clothes once in awhile! He is DIRK FLECKTINBERG, Illuminati Fighter!

Recently I was listening to episode 97 of the Brain Science podcast with Dr Ginger Campbell. Dr Ginger was interviewing Daniel H Lende and Greg Downey, co-authors of The Encultured Brain: An Introduction to Neuroanthropology. Here’s an intriguing excerpt from Greg Downey:

One of the most interesting things, for example, is the way that our standards in the West, of emotional expression, are changing, and have changed from our grandparents’ and great grandparents’ generations to ours.

The way people talk about things, for example. I think people have the impression that they’re becoming more authentic or truer. But you could also see it as we’re developing new kinds of skills that our grandparents and great grandparents didn’t have—certain kinds of abilities to express. And that’s going to change the actual experience of those emotions. So, we’re actually changing the emotional landscape—not just outside us in culture, but also inside us in how we experience those emotions.

As Dr Ginger puts it:

What we think about how we think influences how our brain works.

And that makes my brain hurt. 

"So your dad was a bit of prankster is what you’re saying…?"

"Yeah, in the sense that Sweeney Todd was a barber!”

Well, every year for Christmas Eve I go down to the Micro Mini Mart and buy a 12-pack of Gem Chocolate mini donuts and arrange them in a big pyramid and I sit alone in my apartment and eat them one by one and wash the whole thing down with a fifth of bourbon and dream of happier times.

Teknikal Diffikulties 12/22/06

There were other buses; the Badger Line could be very comfortable. The Van Galder buses are as far removed from Greyhound as Harvard is from a vocational tech school.

Greyhound, on the other hand, has always been “the other hand” or the other shoe waiting to drop from infinity into the abyss.

The Ambiguities by Richard Chwedyk. Listen to it on Tales to Terrify No 103.

Two miles west south-east of the Empire of Light Shopping Center… That’s Cafe Breton. Simply follow County Road C until it breaks up and disintegrates into the dust of nothingness in time and space and look for the large floating cheese crucifix.

"Our first guest this evening is a bit of a surprise; dropped in unannounced but he was so popular the last time he was here in October that we thought we’d bring him up to the microphone once again. It’s eminent physiologist Dr Henri-Balastur Footwarmer-Association."

"Good evening."

"Dr Footwarmer-Association, what is it exactly that brings you back to our studios?"

"I’m looking for my keys."

Teknikal Diffikulties 6/22/05

Quiet. Through me runs the power of recent dark experience.

Mike issues a warning.

Home by George Saunders. You can listen to it on Tales To Terrify No 11. Home was a  2011 Bram Stoker Award finalist.

The name’s Justice. Jack Justice. I’m a private detective and in my experience that means one thing— trouble. It means it for me and if you happen to be careless enough to get within a hundred feet of me, chances are good that it means it for you, too.
Black Jack Justice: Home Fires via Decoder Ring Theatre

Excellent and terrifying story written by Ferrett Steinmetz. Listen to it on Escape Pod.

I don’t need a dram of fancy single malt anymore. I want a tall tumbler of booze, mind numbing hooch to dull my thoughts into a stupor and then the blissfulness of unconsciousness.
The Winter Fire by David Cummings. Read by David on the Dec 25 2012 episode of the NoSleep podcast. He really gets Christmas.

Cadet Stallwark: I learned that the only way to fight against the system is to be a part of it.

Captain Peeples: Yes, a philosophic outlook, cadet.

Cadet Stallwark: Yeah, if you go inside… that’s where it’s vulnerable— and gut it from there!

Tales of the United Solar Systems Alliance, “New Frontier” from the Thrilling Adventure Hour

Vodka in a slice is everything nice. All you need is a dame.

Catchy slogan of one of QICE’s sponsors, Pizza Booze. From QICE: Radio North featured on Icebox Radio Theater.

Evil, there is nowhere you can hide. There is nowhere you can cower. For I promise until my last breath is taken, I will give every ounce of my being to root you out and squash you like a grape on the supermarket floor of life or I’m not Kid Cumulonimbus, sidekick to the mighty Thundercrester!

Orville demonstrates a heroic monologue from Saturday Morning Theatre: Adventures of the Thunder Crester #103.

"Kid Cumulonimbus" is such an excellent superhero sidekick name!

Against my better judgment, I traveled half the world to be here today. I have battled automatons, outwitted supernatural beasties and suffered the company of Americans to see you!

Little Dickie. Tales of the Extraordinary: A Song of Vice & Ire