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I like the way the future happens in front of other stuff... like today and yesterday. Interests: animals, art, astronomy, audiodrama, books, brain science, buddhism, detectives, diy, film, gaming, history, humor, learning, libraries, lovecraft, music, mystery, nature, podcasts, sci fi, technology, travel & weirdos.
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from The Times-News - Jan 21, 1965. Hendersonville, NC.

(via Gibberalic » The most awesome dog on Earth)

Meet the most awesome dog on earth, aka the painted wolf, which gibberalic describes as “small, wiry and kind of ugly in a gang-dog way”. 

"What kind of dog is that?"

Yeah, maybe it’s best to just keep wondering.

"Something Extremely Important" by Merrill Markoe. Uploaded by zontarmozinky.

I am Puppyboy. And I can see that you’re very upset for some reason. But, I have something on my mind. It is more than an idea, it is an urgent message. I’m going out on a limb here and telling you that it is the most important thing I’ve ever had to say. And it is this: I have placed a thing on you that you must throw. If you look down now, you will see it. It is that large flat thing that is balancing on your knee. It is stretchy and chewy and damp; everything a large flat thing should be. Please listen to me when I tell you that this is an opportunity you cannot pass up.

The reason I feel that I must tell you that I have placed this large flat thing on the edge of your knee… by the way, you have noticed that your knee has a big flat wet thing balancing on it havent you? Or are you so busy sobbing and weeping and talking about yourself that you’re having trouble seeing? Here’s a hint: I am staring at it right now. So, if you can imagine a laserbeam coming from my eyes and then follow it down to the spot on your leg where it is focused, it will lead you right to it.

Cool business dog attends a meeting with colleagues at Grey Advertising. 1959. (via Adweek | From the Archives)

Artie from Warehouse 13: Past Imperfect.

RED DOG (2011) - Official Trailer (via krivstenders).

Australian flick based on a true story about a dog, a red kelpie, who roamed the Australian outback. He had a habit of stopping cars on the road then hopping in and traveling with the driver. He often rode buses and once, when a new driver pushed him off her bus, the passengers all disembarked in protest. Ha! Right on.

It’s currently the third strongest-performing Australian feature since 2009 and one of the highest grossing films to play in Australia

Check out the wonderful screen test!

Such a great shot. Photo by Emily via theBERRY.

I’ve kept this around for ages, because it’s still funny! Poor ol’ Skipper.

A few good dogs looking for a few good homes

These handsome animals were rescued from a dogfighting ring in Kansas. There are 16 dogs available for adoption, so take home a 6 pack! Despite the terrible abuse they received, these guys have great temperaments and are incredibly happy to be out of the hell of their former home. That’s Katie, grinning in the first pic.


"Kali" Kangaroo

"Harriett" Tubby Tubman

"Suzie" Shortcake

Chola must-have accessories– AK-47s & Pit Bulls. “Sweet Pea” and “Diana”.

Lovely drawing by raquelissima.

Lucy! My friend’s cool dog at New Year’s Eve.

I can’t even believe this exists. That critter has crossed the line into scary-cute. But, if I saw it, I would scoop it up & squee & etc… (It’s a dog… right?)

via  kgarisdangerr:

I like this. SO VERY MUCH.

(via kgarisdangerr)