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Royal Street looking south from St. Francis in Mobile, Alabama, circa 1910. Detroit Publishing Company via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive. Check out the full size image; the details are fascinating. I’ve included a few below.

Just hanging out. Literally.


Love this guy—so casual.


Lovely architectural detail.


Klosky’s! Probably referring to Klosky’s Hotel.

18th century swinging seat under a tent, duded up in that fanciful Chinese style referred to as chinoiserie from Garden Mania via style court.

Vulcan Supply in Vermont produces custom architectural elements, like this amazing lizard crawling along the pagoda roof at McEvoy Ranch in Petaluma. (via VulcanSupply.com)


New Zealand Centennial Exhibition, Wellington, New Zealand
Historic Photo (1939-1940)

Gorgeous night shot of an exhibition building.

(via robur86-deactivated20120129)

La Balade des Gnomes is a fantastical Belgian b&b designed and built by architect and hotelier Mr Noël in Belgium. The rooms are located in a farmhouse, with a Trojan Horse suite nearby. You’ll need to lower the drawbridge to gain access to that horse.

Sleep in a boat floating in a pool with the stars above—on the third foor of the farmhouse. Or in a wine cellar with vines, barrels and wine press furniture. Or on a spaceship in a lunar landscape. My personal favorite is the trolls habitat, with a goldfish filled stream running through.

 (via La Balade des Gnomes

25 Abandoned Yugoslavia Monuments that look like they’re from the Future

Monumental sculptures built in the 60s and 70s to commemorate sites of WWII battles and concentration camps in Yugoslavia. 

Choi + Shine Architects designed these giant figures out of electrical pylons. The architects claim they require only minor alterations to existing pylon design. They consist of a few major assembled parts and a series of pre-assembled joints, which can be used to create different configurations.

Just imagine… You’re driving along an Icelandic highway. “Wow”, you think, “I really dig those things. They’re so much more interesting than those old boring… Hey! Wait a minute… Wasn’t that one kneeling before?”

Mural on the old Harding Theater in the city. Pics of it in progress.  via Aggressive Panhandler

DeYoung Museum

DeYoung Museum-Visited the Post-Impressionists exhibit yesterday

Martin Luther King Jr Library, San Jose.

Tower Hall, San Jose State University

Nice day! Tower Hall, San Jose State University

Tower Hall, San Jose State University