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Screenshots from the 1926 film, The Open Road - London, which showcases filmmaker Claude Friese-Greene’s early colour film process. Restored by the BFI National Archive. Via LondonsScreenArchive

Providence, which spurn’d Eddie living, now reveres him dead, and treasures every memory connected with him. The hotel where he stopt, the churchyard where he wander’d, the house and garden where he courted his inamorata, the Athenaeum where he us’d to dream and ramble thro’ the corridors—all are still with us, and as by a miracle absolutely unchang’d even to the least detail.
HP Lovecraft on Edgar Allan Poe in a letter to Frank Belknap Long. Feb 1924. Via the Necronomicon Providence newsletter.

"Group of Criminals Central 1921" Central Police Station, Sydney (via The Justice & Police Museum, Sydney Historic Houses Trust)

One of a series of about 2500 photos taken by New South Wales Police Dept photographers 1910-1930. Pictures of this type were taken in the cells at the police station and featured newly arrested individuals who were encouraged to pose however they wanted. 

Drucilla Strain, Ziegfeld Girl. 1929. Photo by Alfred Cheney Johnston via trialsanderrors. Her career spanned 1929-1946. From the Alfred Cheney Johnston Collection at the Library of Congress. This picture is in the public domain.

Old Boston Celebration. Beacon Hill. June 1924. Mrs. Samuel Mixter, Mrs. Irving Badger, Miss Rowena Morse, Mrs. Arthur Williams.

Photo by Leslie Jones. Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection.

Unusual mug shots from the 1920s. Part of the Forensic Photography Archive at the Justice & Police Museum in Australia. Click on the links at the left of each record (Open/1, Open/2) to see the photos and read about them.

William Stanley Moore, May 1925. From the NSW Police Gazette (July, 28 1926): “Opium dealer. Operates with large quantities of faked opium and cocaine. A wharf labourer; associates with water front thieves and drug traders.”

William Munro, Sep 1924. Charged with receiving stolen goods to the value of 536 pounds 4 shillings and 1 penny.

Vera Crichton, Feb 1924. Charged, along with three others, with “conspiring together to procure a miscarriage” on a third woman.

B. Smith, Gertrude Thompson and Vera McDonald. Arrested in a police raid of a “house frequented by reputed thieves”.

Hampton Hirscham, Cornellius Joseph Keevil, William Thomas O’Brien and James O’Brien, July 1921. Arrested over a robbery at the home of a bookmaker.

Lovely Lillian Gish in Annie Laurie (1927) (via Spectacular Attractions).

Mrs. Thaddeus Caraway and cat. Hattie Caraway was a two-term US Senator and the first woman ever elected to that office. Washington DC 1925. (via Shorpy Historic Photo Archive)


R100 Airship, ca. 1920 Alfred G. Buckham,via arsvitaest

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

(via my-ear-trumpet)

Wall of Death Daredevils via The Selvedge Yard

Yeah, that’s a lion riding in that sidecar.

Beautiful portrait of Josephine Dunn via rantingsofamoderndayglamourgirl.

And below is an interesting shot of her wearing a safety pin earring or hair ornament with matching safety pin bracelet. Those crazy flappers!

via Worthopedia Price Guide 

Norma Shearer, Mae Murray and Viola Dana give us some tips.

via Beauty is a thing of the past