fate keeps on happening

I like the way the future happens in front of other stuff... like today and yesterday. Interests: animals, art, astronomy, audiodrama, books, brain science, buddhism, detectives, diy, film, gaming, history, humor, learning, libraries, lovecraft, music, mystery, nature, podcasts, sci fi, technology, travel & weirdos.
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A few good dogs looking for a few good homes

These handsome animals were rescued from a dogfighting ring in Kansas. There are 16 dogs available for adoption, so take home a 6 pack! Despite the terrible abuse they received, these guys have great temperaments and are incredibly happy to be out of the hell of their former home. That’s Katie, grinning in the first pic.


"Kali" Kangaroo

"Harriett" Tubby Tubman

"Suzie" Shortcake

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